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My connection with Brun Motor Sport


In the year 1979 I got to know Walter Brun. His success in motor racing fascinated me.

After his world championship in 1986; my hobby, model-making, was entirely directed towards BRUN motor sport. There were only few BRUN construction kits on the market. Thus, I had to produce the largest part myself. Thanks to the assistance of the Team Brun with regard to photographs and construction plans, I could make the models in a manner faithful to the originals. I was very often invited to racing events by Walter Brun. Until today we cultivate our friendship – since it will take me a long time yet to build the many different racing cars in model and to complete the collection to a scale of 1:43.

Walter Brun (left) and Rolf Müller
At this stage I would like to express my sincere thanks to Walter Brun and to his son Sascha Brun.
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