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I started making model cars in the building system to a scale of 1 : 43.

Shortly afterwards, clients began placing orders with me. Since I mainly produce racing cars, I was often at racing events where I also got to know many public figures.

1988 I painted my first Décals. Thus, I was able to mount suitable décals onto the base models which were available.
1989 I produced a filtering / vacuuming tool, due to which all the model cars could be sprayed with the original RAL 2-Components paint, in an ecologically desirable way.
1994 I realized my first kit, after one year of intense work.
In collaboration with BRUN’s motor sport department in Stans, with regards to construction plans, I could launch the model car “BRUN-Judd C 91”.
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1997 I realized two different Porsche 962 C – kits.

Regarding the production, the quality of the Porsche 962 C – Kit increased. All the precise, detailed accessories such as photo-etching parts and aluminium rims simplify, for the model-makers, the constructing and painting of the kit.
Moreover, my collection offers 3 new Porsche 962 C – Kits of the highest quality:

  BRUN-Porsche 962 C 1986  
  BRUN-Porsche 962 C 1987  
  BRUN-Porsche 962 C 1991  

All the models which are still available may be put to order with me.

Even today, I do the whole model-making as a hobby.
The handmade models are going to be produced for collectors in small series.